Disco & Club Laser

Disco laser or Club laser?

What’s usually called a disco or club laser refers to a device that produces atmospheric and/or graphical laser effects and which visually entertains audiences in smaller indoor venues.

There are hundreds of club lasers and disco lasers available on the market, but unfortunately majority of these club and disco lasers are not satisfactory when it comes to performance, laser safety features and ability to perform quality laser effects.

Most of disco and club lasers are imported from far east (many are rebranded too) and don’t meet even the basic laser safety criteria. It is important to understand that every club owner is responsible for laser safety in their venue and should choose carefully which club laser or disco laser they will get.

Cheap club lasers are very often fully automatic and although you don’t have to control them, their performance is far from what a real laser show should look like.

Any KVANT Clubmax series system can be used as a professional replacement for cheap club laser or disco laser. For example, our lowest power system KVANT Clubmax 800 will satisfy even the most demanding club owners who are after a top quality, reliable and TUV laser safety certified disco laser for their venue. The more powerful versions of this great small laser are Clubmax 1800, Clubmax 3000, Clubmax 3400, Clubmax 6000 and Clubmax 6800 which is powerful enough for large indoor shows.