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Equipment for sale

We only sell products that work, solve your needs and add value. So whether it’s KVANT or a proven product from another renowned brand, you have our guarantee and famous customer support to ensure your satisfaction.

Laser equipment rental

If you don’t need to buy, just rent. We have over 100 laser systems ready for immediate transfer to your location, so that in a short time you can have your show pretty much anywhere in the world.

Show production

Our expertise starts with laser shows, but it doesn’t stop there. Our award-winning multimedia production team is ready to create the show of a lifetime for you. From custom laser displays and mapping through to 3D video and holographic projections, right up to fireworks and water shows – you name it, we can do it.

Custom development

Specific situations sometimes require specific solutions. In such cases our in-house development, design and production department is ready to take on any challenge and develop what you need, whether it’s laser module, custom accessories, or a specific task, in the field of optics.

Top products

Kvant FB4-NET laser control interface 1
FB4-QS | External

2 x Ethernet, Network switch, DMX, 2 x ILDA Out. Our FB4-QS is...

1,143 €
excl. shipping & TAX
New KVANT Clubmax 3000 FB4
Clubmax 3000 FB4

Cosy private venue or large sparkling dance party? 
Kvant Clubmax 3000...

3,730 €
excl. shipping & TAX
Kvant Clubmax 6000-6800-10 FB4 1.jpg
Clubmax 6000 FB4

Cosy private venue or large pumping rave party? 
Kvant Clubmax 6000 FB4...

6,416 €
excl. shipping & TAX

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Latest news

How to install DiscoScan lens

How to install DiscoScan lens

Step-by-step instructions how to correctly install Pangolin DiscoScan 2.0 lens on Kvant laser show projector

Laser Chandelier by Kvant

Laser Chandelier by Kvant Russia

Laser Chandelier by Kvant as 2nd place winner of Russian Light Design contest

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2019

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2019

An invitation to watch some Kvant lasers in action @ Prolight + Sound Guangzhou



More than 50 events with KVANT lasers and LED screens have shown the importance of proven suppliers. KVANT’s professional team and cutting-edge technologies make events exceptional visual shows.
Cirque Production CZ – Martin Kvítek
As the technical director for Arc Festival, I required a high impact laser solution for the main stage. KVANT UK provided an impressive multi laser setup for us, programmed it expertly, and installed the hardware quickly and safely. I would like to work with them again.
Will Young – UK
People are always commenting that the quality of beams and colours produced by KVANT lasers are the best they've ever seen, and I agree. KVANT UK’s service has also been excellent.
Sean Hockey – Illumashroom, UK
We really stress-tested the KVANT projector during the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, and it handled everything we threw at it. It even outperformed some of the bigger and more expensive projectors we had. KVANT quality is unbeatable, especially at such a great price.
Adam LaBay – Future Weapons, USA
I am very impressed with the build quality and construction of the ClubMax 6000 lasers. The FB4 backpacks and optional optical bench is well worth the investment. It saves my company both time and money. I would recommend KVANT to anyone who values quality.
Paul Hill Saturday Enterprises – Brisbane, Australia
We have been working with KVANT since 2005 and have done hundreds of shows together, such as those for Justin Bieber, Duran Duran, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta’s world tour, Steve Aoky’s world tour, Skrillex, Mediolanum Bank, BMW, Mercedes, Ducati, Ferrari and many others. The professionalism and quality of KVANT lasers is unmatched.
Super FX – Filippo Scortichini
Everyone at KVANT’s sales and rental departments is incredible to work with! They are among our most trusted relationships, and working with everyone in their organization is always a pleasure. We consider them as family, and they are an integral part of our business!
Lightwave International USA – Brian Bourgeois
I used KVANT lasers for a demo at Disney Imagineering. After a successful demo, we were awarded a contract for a new attraction at Disney Hong Kong. Working with the KVANT team was flawless, and KVANT was integral to our successful completion of this important project.
Randy Johnson – Blisslights, USA
Working with Kvant has been fantastic. Their products are phenomenal, they are very responsive in communication, and their people are professional. Looking forward to working with them again!
Daniel Gibson - Production Manager/21 pilots European tour