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and compact.



2-6 watts

power output.

BURSTBERRY and BERRY LITE LASERS - perhaps the most versatile laser projectors on the market.

KVANT Burstberry is a self-contained laser-lighting fixture, designed to be used in multi-head configurations.

As well as being a fully equipped RGB laser display system, each Burstberry has a second output with DMX-controlled interchangeable diffraction grating and a powerful LED blinder below the primary aperture.
Furthermore, the primary aperture can be easily fitted with the new add-on optical diffraction element or SafetyScan lens bracket for enhanced laser safety. These accessories make Burstberry even more all-purpose.

One of the key features that a cluster of Burstberries will give its user is hard-to-match graphics performance.
For example, a pack made of six Burstberries offers blistering 240.000 points-per-second drawing capability at 8 degrees projection angle and 20 frames per second performed.


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Kvant Burstberry laser projector / lighting fixture with SFX_1
Burstberry Sale price5,015.00€
Kvant Berry Lite laser projector / lighting fixture_1
Berry Lite Sale price5,015.00€
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Burstberry Cluster Sale price30,403.00€
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Berry Lite Cluster Sale price30,403.00€

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