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FB4-SK Media Server

FB4-SK is a customised control hardware, specifically developed for KVANT laser projectors.

It allows for a direct control from any pro-level lighting console.


2nd Output & LED Blinder

The Burstberry has DMX controlled interchangeable diffraction grating as second output, and powerful LED blinder below the primary aperture.

Furthermore, the main aperture can be easily fitted with the MicroWheel Grating or SafetyScan lens bracket.

Modular Design

This system is designed to work as a multi-head laser projector and can be assembled into virtually any geometrical formation - offering phenomenal graphical performance.

2 watts


40 kpps




KVANT Burstberry is a self-contained laser-lighting fixture designed to be used in multi-head configurations and controlled mainly from a lighting desk via Artnet. It can also be operated with DMX protocol, via Ethernet from a computer or run stand-alone in AutoPlay mode.

As well as being a fully equipped RGB laser display system, each Burstberry has DMX-controlled interchangeable diffraction grating as a second output and a powerful LED blinder below the primary aperture.

Burstberry individual units can be attached one to another from 12 different directions, making it possible to create clusters of pretty much any shape to fit your setup. Joining Burstberries together takes only a few seconds, it's secure and robust.

Kvant Burstberry / Cluster / Berry Lite laser projector video


Burstberry specification table

Source | Type:

Semiconductor laser diode | Full-colour RGB laser projector / Lighting fixture


Indoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]

System control:

FB4-SK [Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]

Optional factory upgrades

Included in the package

Included in the package_Kvant Burstberry Laser Projector_icon

Laser projector

Included in the package_KVANT AC power cable_icon

AC power cable

Included in the package_Kvant Ethernet cable_icon

Ethernet cable

Included in the package_Kvant Emergency STOP with XLR cable_icon

E-STOP with XLR cable

Included in the package_Kvant interlock connector_icon

Interlock [US only]

Included in the package_Kvant laser safety keys_icon

Safety keys

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

USB drive with Manual

Included in the package_Kvant Quality control certificate_icon

QC certificate

Included in the package_Kvant FREE Pangolin QuickShow laser control software_icon

Free QuickShow

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