Laser Module

Laser Module

Laser module

In the laser display industry the term “laser module” stands for a device that emits a single static laser beam of single or multiple wavelengths - or colours if we talk about the visible spectrum of light.

That is very different from the term “laser diode”.

Very often people confuse these terms, so we explain them here.

Laser diode

The laser diode is quite a tiny electronic component that physically emits radiation. When it comes to semiconductor laser diodes, the radiation (light) they emit is coherent, meaning that emitted photons stick together and can form a laser beam.

The laser diodes that we use for manufacturing of our diode laser modules come from companies such as Mitsubishi, Osram, Sony, Nichia etc.

Laser module

A laser module would include one or more laser diodes as well as some optical and electronic components that are used for running the diodes and beam shaping. All this is usually enclosed in a robust enclosure.

The number of diodes used inside the module and its internal structure is set by module power output, laser beam parameters such us size (diameter) and divergence, and by other properties that are set by the application the laser module is intended for.

The laser beam is emitted from 1 or more semiconductor laser diodes, then optically shaped, joined together and aligned to create a single and focused laser beam coming out of the aperture.

The quality of the outputted laser beam is determined by:

  • quality and suitability of the emitter (laser diode)
  • quality of optical components
  • quality of module design, chassis and alignment mechanisms, module temperature stability and quality of driving electronics
  • the ability of module manufacturer to do their job well enough, especially when it comes to alignment

Precision and expertise in designing, machining and assembly of laser modules are both essential for the quality of end results.

What laser modules do we do?

The latest developments in laser diode fields made it possible to utilise semiconductor laser diodes across multiple industries.

Here at KVANT, we don’t only manufacture laser modules that cover the visible spectrum of light and that are suitable for laser display purposes. We also develop and manufacture laser modules within an invisible spectrum that are used in scientific and research applications.

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