Allianz Evening lasers

Allianz Evening lasers

Allianz Evening - Year Report and Celebration, Budapest

We were contracted by Promea Communications production group to deliver a high impact indoor laser display to be performed live on the show day. In collaboration with The pastels and LadyLicious dance groups and with live music background we turned this evening event into something very special.

5 x Clubmax 3000, 5 x Clubmax 6000 and Atom 12 were used together with 16 laser bars to perform pre-programmed show cues, which where triggered when requested over the radio by the show director. The most of the effects were atmospheric, although some names of the most successful employees were also displayed on projection screen from time to time.

The most challenging part of this project was unbelievably short time available for the installation and rehearsals. We planned everything to the slightest detail and the following day we nailed it all down with 100% success and smile on everyone’s face.

Watch the video here ↓

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