LD series officially launched

LD series officially launched

LD means super sharp beams on big lasers.

“LD” or so called Low Divergence “upgrade” affects the laser beam so it is bit thicker at the source, but  much more coherent further away. And that makes it more than twice as bright and visible at distance when compared to standard laser display systems.

LD upgrade is available for the Atom 20 and all Spectrum series systems. And because here we use the state of the art Saturn scanning system, the high speeds and precision of scanning is sustainable even with thicker beams. 

  • LD is twice as bright as ordinary laser display system 
  • LD offers less than 0.5 mrad laser beam divergence, measured at full angle 
  • LD has fast and precise Saturn 9 scanning 
  • LD option is available for most Atom and all Spectrum series laser systems

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