We respect Earth!

We respect Earth!

We try to be green and eco

The power to save the planet rests with the individual.

Here at KVANT we try very hard to be as much environment friendly as possible. Our environmental programme is part of company’s ISO certification and it includes the following activities.

Reduction of waste

Where possible, we are repurposing and/or reselling used and old items. If there’s something in dark corners of our buildings we can’t use in any way, but still it may have a value for somebody else, we do not throw it away. We sell it or donate the item for further use. We also re-use most packaging materials from received parcels to minimise the waste.

Waste separation to papers, plastics, bio, electro, chemical, etc.

Most of our offices and work places are equipped with trash bins for these specific types of waste.

Energy saving

Each year we set up goals for energy savings. These goals are met through many energy saving channels, for example, LED lighting is used throughout the buildings, we encourage our employees to use energy saving modes on electronic devices as well as turning off their computers when leaving work…and many other tiny little things.

Ecological cleaning

Where possible, we use ecological cleaning products. The aim is to release less chemicals into the water waste system and to save nature from redundant packaging waste. Also the health and safety of our employees is very important to us and that’s why we use ecological dishwashing liquids in kitchens and ecological soaps in bathrooms.

Green working environment

This is our specific project which includes placing live plants around the workplace. This, we believe, brings in a positive energy from outdoors and helps us to relax bit better when/if there’s a time for it.


Each year we make a report of our past activities and we plan new (and higher) goals for the next year. This is also part of our ISO certification.


Each individual’s effort counts and because we are group of more than 100 employees, our effort summed up is something bigger. That is why we try to educate our employees about small steps to lower their carbon footprint, protect their health and behave more responsibly to our planet. 


All the company t-shirts we give to our coworkers and customers are produced in a sustainable and ethical way. We believe in importance of treating our colleagues and every living being nicely and with the respect they deserve. That is why we chose Stanley&Stella brand for our clothing.

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