PXM PX783 Driver LED C.C. 4x700mA

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The PX783 current driver has been designed for LED control. The built-in DMX receiver allows for controlling 4 channels (e.g. R, G, B, W) using the DMX protocol directly. The wide range of power supply voltage (12 – 48V DC) and high current-carrying capacity (max. 700mA) enable controlling high numbers of LEDs.

The PX783 can be controlled by the DMX signal and can work independently. In this case, the user has a fully programmable scene and 18 pre-programmed sequences for which the playback speed and smoothness of step changing can be freely set.

Driver PX783 can operate in different control modes:

  • 2b – brightness and one of the 256 colours defined by the manufacturer
  • 3b – each colour RGB can be set separately
  • 3bd – each colour RGB can be set separately and dimmed (dimming all outputs)
  • 4b – each colour RGBW can be set separately
  • 4bd – each colour RGBW can be set separately and dimmed (dimming all outputs)
  • HSL – responsible for hue, saturation and lightness, dW – dynamic white, control channels cold and warm white
  • EFF – it is available on 8 DMX channels and control R, G, B, W, Mode, Speed, Fade and Brightness.

The driver has a built-in “flicker-free” frequency control system, which makes it especially suitable for use in the television industry.

The RGBW LEDs often differ substantially in parameters, which can cause problems obtaining a white colour (at full power, especially). Therefore, PX783 comes with a very useful function called "white balance." Thanks to it, you can choose colour correction for each set of LEDs controlled by the device to achieve the colour white at full power.
Furthermore, the driver has been equipped with an output for the temperature sensor and RDM protocol support.
The support of the sensor allows for power reduction depending on temperature.

PXM PX783 Driver LED C.C. 4x700mA specifications

DMX IN/OUT channels




Maximum current consumption

2.8 A

Power consumption without load

1 W

Outputs load capacity

700mA / channel (+2% ÷ -5%)

Output connectors

screw terminals

Built-in programs/scenes


Master/Slave mode


Control accuracy

interpolated 16 bit



Power supply

12-48 V DC


0,2 kg


width: 105mm (6 DIN rail modules)
height: 86mm
depth: 60mm