Thermal Imaging Camera J380-HS

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J380-HS unit is a fast thermal imaging camera system designed to detect elevated body temperature. This unit has a high accuracy of ±0,2° C and can measure multiple moving targets simultaneously.

It comes as a package together with the blackbody calibration device and a laptop with pre-installed control software.

Its main benefits include high-speed measurement, acoustic alarm, intelligent video analysis and non-contact body temperature measurement technology. Furthermore, this equipment has the advantage of large flow screening, real-time blackbody calibration, AI, 24 hours non-stop testing and quick installation.
It is suitable for environments with a large flow of people, e.g. hospitals, airports, railway stations, subway stations, office buildings and similar areas.

To prevent Coronavirus propagation masks need to be worn, and body temperature has to be measured. The traditional way of temperature measuring has some drawbacks, such as that physical contact cannot be avoided, which increases the risk of spreading the infection. Moreover, the conventional method requires a large amount of human and material resources.

This device can solve these problems efficiently due to its performance, image quality, small footprint and easy to use control software.


  • Accuracy of ±0.2℃
  • Automatic temperature detection
  • Dual video sensor (regular video recording and infrared recording)
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Automatic and manual recording functions
  • Multiple people simultaneous detection
  • Thermal imaging recording in multiple colour scales
  • H264 online video transmission
  • Practical and easy positioning
  • Blackbody real-time calibration (J380-HS only)
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