CASE STUDY: Quixotic

CASE STUDY: Quixotic

Case study about Clubmax 6000 FB4 lasers used in a pretty special way by Chandler Thomann Designs.

Kvant laser show projectors for Quixotic

By Chandler Thomann
Chandler Thomann Designs
Photo credits to Jeff Evrard, Anthony Mangliano, and Stephen Goldblatt

My project with the Clubmax 6000’s is a collaboration with a performing arts group called “Quixotic” located out of Kansas City, Missouri.

The special purpose of my project with Quixotic was to integrate dance, aerial, music, and laser design all at the same time by creating fully interactive time-coded pieces thru Pangolin’s Beyond Ultimate software.

We’ve done shows for Hallmarks creative symposium, Kennedy Center NSO Gala, TFA (Teachers for America) 10 year anniversary, “Firebird” a broadway style performance piece completely organically created with Quixotic, and GSM (Global Sales Meeting) - Illumina.

I chose the Clubmax 6000 FB4 laser display systems because of their beautiful color mixing and awesome ability to handle high scan rate animations, incredibly smooth, and easy to work with. The structural integrity of the laser projector makes it very easy to travel and fly with the units. Don’t ever have to worry about misalignment or scanners getting broken.

Some challenges I’ve had would be to make sure that everyone involved in the piece is safe from laser contact, the laser design comes very close to the bodies, and I just have to take the extra time to make sure nobody gets in the line of fire (particularly talking about their faces.) The dancers have learned about laser safety which over time has helped out with this challenge. Sometimes the instillation can be difficult, I often hang two of the Clubmax 6000 FB4 systems above the stage and point them directly down, creating cones, the zoning can be difficult, but totally worth it in the end.

I’m very happy with how are projects have turned out, I work with extremely talented performing artists, making it incredibly easy to design and create pieces. I’m excited for projects I’ve been working on for the near future. Trying to create one of a kind, immersive, interactive laser/performer pieces that no one else is creating.

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