La Perle Dubai

La Perle Dubai

Case study about Clubmax 6000 FB4 And Atom 20 laser display systems and how they transformed one of the top theatrical projects.

Kvant laser show systems at La Perle, Dubai

By Steve Critchley
Head of Lighting and Video,
Laser Designer and Programmer at La Perle

When La Perle was in the design stage here in Dubai and all the Technical and Creatives were looking at what we could add technically to the show it was decided that adding Lasers could bring a new and exciting element to one of our acts.

The Initial concept was that we would use them in our Suspended Poles act to create Red lines around out beautiful Domed Theatre to make them pop with the Projection that was on there.

We looked at many different Lasers and many different companies but for me the Kvant Laser was the only one I wanted. It had great colours and a super sharp beam. With the addition of the Saturn1 scanning system I knew we were onto a winning unit.

We have a very sophisticated infrastructure here at La Perle so the ability to easily have the units running through FB4 was essential to us. With Kvant and Pangolin working together to develop and deliver integrated FB4 ensured our equipment is safe and easy for us to install within the confines of the infrastructure already in place.

When Franco Dragone, Creator and Creative Director, arrived and saw the power of 7 Kvant Clubmax 6000 FB4 I was instantly brought into a room to work out how I could take the show to a whole new level. Franco’s vision was not to use lasers in the traditional sense, he wanted to use them to develop the story and bring a new level of immersion into the show. To do this I went back to the drawing board and added 4 more Clubmax 6000’s and one Atom 20 to the rig. Having FB4’s and Pangolin Beyond the expansion was really simple and the very quick to implement which when creating a show is essential and time is very limited.

We now also had to take into account artists that would be flying through the air at certain parts of the show as well as our dive team in the water. The pool will flood the stage during elements of the show so incorporating the highest level of safety for our Audience and Artists was crucial. The E- Stops were great to integrate into our system as a very quick way to disable the unit in case of an emergency or accident and with the combination of blanking plates and Beam Attenuation Mapping in the Beyond Software we are covered on all bases.

Our show now does what no other water show does. We use Lasers to distract the attention and draw the audiences focus where we want them to look.

We create atmospheric looks that enhance the look of the acts and we use them to help us deliver the story line by them interacting with our Clown Artists.

The show has now been open over a year and the units run perfectly for every show, with no failures which is amazing given we are working in an aqua theatre with over 1.4 million litres of water.

This year I am looking to upgrade and develop our rig to implement the next level of the design to take us to the next level of our journey and there is only one company that I will be going to and that is straight back for Kvant. The new Clubmax 6000’s are really great. The Atom 20 is a brilliant unit and I can’t wait to get into developing our new looks with Kvant by my side.

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