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Utilised by default, the 590nm Orange OPSL module provide a wide range of colours and high luminosity and brightness of the system over long projection distances.


The current Spectrum chassis is 30% lighter, significantly smaller and more robust than its predecessor and most conventional projectors in its class.

iF Award Winner

The latest build is compact, tough and relatively light.

The beam profile of each colour is near round, and all beams perfectly match each other in shape, size and divergence, ensuring all the mixed colours are crisp clean without any halos around them.

34 watts


40 kpps


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Spectrum 34 ROGB

The latest Spectrum series is the result of our extensive know-how merged with the latest laser technology and the wishes of laser display professionals worldwide.

Beautifully and practically designed Spectrum laser projectors offer world-class performance, superb beam quality, a wide range of colours, inspiring features to help you succeed, and comprehensive control options for easy integration into existing systems.

The Spectrum is offered in three versions - 34-Watt ROGB, 37-Watt RYGB, and 55-Watt RYGB fitted with either extra Orange or Yellow OPSL module.
Due to our latest breakthroughs in beam-shaping techniques, all these models produce an enormous amount of luminosity, meaning they are seriously bright!

In addition, the rigid foam aluminium chassis with cushioned heatsink, advanced thermal management and ergonomics make working with Spectrums stressless, exciting and fun.

With the latest Spectrum, you can sit back, relax and focus on your creativity.

Spectrum 34 ROGB specification table

Source | Type:

Semiconductor laser diode + OPSL | Full-colour ROGB laser projector


Outdoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]

System control:

FB4-SK [Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]

Optional factory upgrades

Included in the package

Included in the package_Kvant Spectrum 34 ROGB, Spectrum 37 RYGB and Spectrum 55 RYGB Laser Projector_icon

Laser projector

Included in the package_KVANT AC power cable_icon

AC power cable

Included in the package_Kvant Ethernet cable_icon

Ethernet cable

Included in the package_Kvant Emergency STOP with XLR cable_icon

E-STOP with XLR cable

Included in the package_Kvant interlock connector_icon

Interlock [US only]

Included in the package_Kvant Heavy duty flight case_icon

Heavy-duty flight case

Included in the package_Kvant laser safety keys_icon

Safety keys

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

USB drive with Manual

Included in the package_Kvant Quality control certificate_icon

QC certificate

Included in the package_Kvant FREE Pangolin QuickShow laser control software_icon

Free QuickShow

KVANT Spectrum: Indisputable Facts

Foamed Aluminium Housing

Extraordinary Design

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