PXM PX257 DMX/Relay Interface 8ch

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The PX257 is a device manufactured in two versions: 8 Relay Module or OC Switch 8x1.3A.

The product switches on and off the stage effects and architectural illumination using the DMX-512 protocol. The module contains a set of 8 relays that control on / off-type outputs.

The OC version of PX257 is an 8-channel, digital electronic link with a maximum DC load switching one circuit of 1.3A. RE version contains mechanical relays.

In both versions, the device is designed to be mounted on standard DIN rails in an electrical switchgear.

ATTENTION! The layout of the connectors in the device has changed from the serial number 21250049. Documentation version 2.0 and higher applies to devices after the change.

PX257 DMX/Relay Interface 8ch

DMX IN/OUT channels


Outputs load capacity

RE version:
inductive load: max. 0.5 A, 250 V AC / channel
inductive load: max. 0.5 A, 24 V DC / channel
resistive load: max. 2A, 250 V AC / channel
resistive load: max. 2A, 24 V DC / channel

OC version:
max. 1.3 A, 24 V DC / channel

Power supply

12 - 24 V DC

Power consumption without load

PX257-OC: max. 1W
PX257-RE: max. 4 W

Output connectors

terminal blocks


PX257-OC: 0,2 kg
PX257-RE: 0,3 kg


105 (6 DIN rail modules)x 60 x 86 mm