PXM PX249 Audio DMX Player

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The PX249 is an audio player that replaces the existing PX154 MP3 player.
The device can be controlled directly or with any driver operating in the DMX-512 standard. The player can cooperate with DMX devices in 4, 5, 7, or 8 channel modes.

From the firmware version 1.18 on the SD/SDHC memory card you can place 85 or 255 tracks in the main directory on the card in the *.wav format of any length, the only limitation is the capacity of the memory card.
In addition, firmware version 1.18 allows for the creation of up to 9 playlists of 85 or 255 tracks each, which gives the possibility to play up to 765 or 2295 tracks.

Functions implemented by PX249 using DMX control allow for playback, selection of a particular song, choosing a playlist, looping one or multiple tracks or random playback of songs, smooth volume control, bass, treble, and balance control. Additionally, there is a possibility of connecting an external START button.

Moreover, the menu of the device allows for defining the behavior of the player if no DMX signal is present. The unit is produced in a housing adapted for mounting on 35mm DIN buses.

PX249 Audio DMX Player specifications

DMX IN/OUT channels

4, 5, 7 or 8 / 512

Supported file formats


Sampling frequencies

48 kHz
44.1 kHz
32 kHz
22,05 kHz
16 kHz
8 kHz

Power bandwidth

42Hz - 21kHz

Output connectors

terminal blocks

Voltage gain


Max. midband power

2 x 12W (for 4 Ohms load and 24V DC)

Load impedance

4 or 8 Ohm

Power supply

12-24V DC

Power consumption

max. 32 W


105 (6 DIN rail modules)x 86 x 60 mm