PXM PX227 DMX/0-10V Interface 8ch

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Demultiplexer DMX-512 - DMX/0-10V interface.

PX227 is designed to process the DMX-512 signal to control the analogue 0 - 10 V. The device is manufactured in a housing designed for installation in electrical switchgear DIN rail T35.

In addition to simple decoding, PX227 DMX allows you to select the characteristics of the control and program how the unit reacts to the loss of the DMX signal.

Individually programmable parameters allow you to define independently for each channel a DMX address of 1-512. Also, multiple channels can be assigned to a single address.

ATTENTION! The layout of connectors in the device has changed from the serial number 21290007. Documentation version 2.0 and higher applies to devices after the change.

PXM PX227 DMX/0-10V Interface 8ch specifications

DMX IN/OUT channels


0-10V IN/OUT ports


Output connectors

screw terminals

0-10V output load capacity

30 mA / channel

Power supply

12-24V DC

Maximum current consumption

250 mA


70 (4 DIN rail modules)x 86 x 60 mm