Optical Bench Single

Sale price1,142.00€

This Optical Bench is compatible with all KVANT Spectrum and Atom laser systems manufactured from 6/2018 to 5/2022 and incompatible with all LD versions!
The compatible systems have internal connections for the fixture already built inside them - internal power supply and DMX.

KVANT's Optical Bench Single adds to your laser projector a gobo with three amazing grating effects and two empty slots for gratings of your choice. There is also a zero-position space that is used for standard scanning performance. The gobo wheel is controlled separately via DMX.

The bench is controlled over DMX using two channels - the first changes the direction and speed of a chosen effect. The second one controls which effect is used. It takes only 0.4 seconds to change the effect.
Whenever the optical bench is turned on, it resets itself to a zero position.

  • Three different gratings - Grid, Line, Oak
  • Gobo change takes only 0.4 seconds
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quick and easy change of gratings and their order