Laser diffraction mirror

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A quality diffraction mirror complete with an attachment bracket is used for creating a "starburst" or "line" diffraction laser effect, which splits a single beam or pattern into many. It also splits any mixed laser colours into their original ones.

Tilt adjustment and locking in position are possible without the use of any tools.
The size of the reflection surface is 150 x 120mm.

There are two types of diffraction mirrors:

Standard - the beam alignment/targeting is done by ordinary nut & bolt mechanism, which, at greater distances, might be quite challenging.
Precise - the spring-loaded tilt mechanism allows for very precise aiming of beams to required positions. This is extremely useful for long-distance targeting.

There are two types of diffraction effects:

Grid - the incoming beams are split along the X and Y axes.
Line - the incoming beams are split along the X-axis.
Type of the diffraction mirror: Standard - GRID

Type of the diffraction mirror

Laser diffraction mirror specifications

Size of reflective surface

150 x 120 mm

Flatness λ




Grinded edge


Body material


RAL body colour