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Optical Bench slot

This slot allows for integrating MicroWheel Grating fixture, which provides the user with additional diffraction effects.

Colour Balance display mode

1-click automated colour calibration ensures accurate and consistent colours across all KVANT projectors within the given setup.

Variable beam size

The fact that you can go from a razor-tight laser beam to a volumetric wash look instantaneously means that it is possible to replicate the effect of moving heads, paint with the laser and make audience scanning safer.

7 watts


40 kpps



Beam Brush 7000

The Beam Brush 7000 projector is a professional full-colour RGB laser display system that, apart from all conventional laser effects, can also change the size of the projected beam in real-time.
This unique feature makes it capable of projecting laser graphics, animations and abstracts at a whole new level.
Furthermore, this enables replicating the effects of moving heads and wash lights - making the Beam Brush laser projector suitable and effective for a much larger variety of lighting applications and with an unlimited number of gobos, as those can be programmed in the software.

Finally, the ability to change the size of the projected beam (which also changes the beam's intensity) can be, under certain circumstances, beneficial for safety during audience scanning shows.
This does not mean that the Beam Brush system can be safely and legally used for audience scanning without further measures (such as PASS, Safety scan lens, and variance (US)).

Kvant Beam Brush 7000, 10 & 40 laser projector product video


Beam Brush 7000 specification table

Source | Type:

Semiconductor laser diode | Full-colour RGB laser projector


Laser graphics displays | Indoor aerial beam shows | Audience scanning shows [the variable beam size may help to fulfil safety criteria]

System control:

FB4-SK [Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]

Optional factory upgrades

Included in the package

Included in the package_Kvant Beam Brush 7000 & 10 Laser Projector_icon

Laser projector

Included in the package_KVANT AC power cable_icon

AC power cable

Included in the package_Kvant Ethernet cable_icon

Ethernet cable

Included in the package_Kvant Emergency STOP with XLR cable_icon

E-STOP with XLR cable

Included in the package_Kvant interlock connector_icon

Interlock [US only]

Included in the package_Kvant Heavy duty flight case_icon

Heavy-duty flight case

Included in the package_Kvant laser safety keys_icon

Safety keys

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

USB drive with Manual

Included in the package_Kvant Quality control certificate_icon

QC certificate

Included in the package_Kvant FREE Pangolin QuickShow laser control software_icon

Free QuickShow

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