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Expanding to Spain

We are expanding our business and Kvant Lasers brand to another important European territory - Spain.
We feel that Spanish laserists and the entire entertainment sector in Spain should be introduced to our laser projectors and have access to professional laser display equipment.
Many who understand the technology rate our products as the number one in the world, and Spain deserves to have them too.

For a limited time, we are offering an exclusive raffle.
By providing just a few details about yourself, you can join our database of valuable contacts for future communications and stand a chance to win one of our incredible prizes.


And the winner may choose from..

Prize option A

Imagine winning our renowned Clubmax 3000 FB4 laser system, a cutting-edge piece of technology that will elevate your laser displays to a whole new level.

Prize option B

Embark on a two-day, all-inclusive tour for two at our headquarters in Slovakia, where you'll get a firsthand look at our operations, meet our team, and receive basic Laser Safety and Pangolin Beyond training.