KVANT LogoLas Lasers

With permanent installations of outdoor laser displays and laser advertising graphics such as Logos or your Latest Offers we designed LogoLas on two principals – Simplicity and Reliability. We understand the need for a permanent laser installation to have the easy remote ability for live control or standalone control where pre-set advertisement graphics can come on at a certain time & date.

LogoLas is optimized to allow for long maintenance intervals, this ensures a long life span of an installed laser display system. The weather will not cause you headaches either, the external housing is weather-proof and can withstand moderate-to-harsh weather for Colder environments an optional internal heating system can be installed.

This Series of IP Rated Laser Projection System comes in four output wattages, starting at 2-Watt RGB Laser for 60 Metre Projection Distances, 3-Watt RGB Laser for 100 Metre Throw Distances, 6-Watt RGB Laser for 200M Laser Graphics Projection & G10 OPSL Green Laser for the ultimate 1KM range of Laser Advertisement Distances.

Interested in the same specification but require it in a touring ready laser model for live shows, concerts and festivals? Check out our Clubmax FB4 series ready for several thousand people raves to the smallest private clubs and cosy venues.

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Kvant Lasers - LogoLas 3000 outdoor laser display projector_1
LogoLas 3000 Sale price6,701.00€
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LogoLas 6500 Sale price8,940.00€
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Kvant Lasers - LogoLas G10 OPSL outdoor laser display projector_1
LogoLas G10 OPSL Sale price19,271.00€
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