New Atom 15

New Atom 15

Atom 15 - new addition to our mid-power range lasers

The new Atom 15 fills the gap between the medium power Atom 12 and high power laser display system Atom 20.

The major difference between the Atom 15 and Atom 12 is that the optical output power of 637nm red module was increased to nearly 5W.

So looking at the powers of all the colours in this well balanced system, you get almost 5W of red, near 4 watts of green and 6 watts of blue. This leads to lot more of balanced white and other red-mixed colours (oranges and lemons).

Considering the Atom 15 uses the same size chassis as Atom 12, offers 25% more power and the price difference between the two being only 13%, we assume the new >Atom 15 is to be one of the favourite ones within our product portfolio.

To get your best prices and more information about this product, get in touch with your local KVANT distributor.

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