MicroWheel set for Clubmax

MicroWheel optical bench set for Clubmax lasers

Originally developed form Burstberry systems, this small grating assembly called MicroWheel is now also available for high-power Clubmax series lasers.

The MicroWheel control mechanism is built-in inside every Clubmax 10 FB4 and Clubmax 15 FB4 system as default, giving you the option to simply snap on this super cool effect to the aperture at any time.

It offers three interchangeable grating lenses and operates under DMX protocol.
The results of using this fixture are just mind blowing. You get so much for very little!

The MicroWheel optical bench set can be purchased separately from here

MicroWheel optical bench for Clubmax laser system MicroWheel set for ClubmaxMicroWheel optical grating set from Clubmax lasers

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