Latest innovation: Colour Balance display mode

Our latest idea that was brought into life together with the new Clubmax FB range.

Colour Balance display mode

The usual intent of laser display manufactures is to produce a laser diode driver with as linear response behaviour as possible. So when the diode current increases, the optical power and light intensity grow linearly.

The fact is that human eye senses brightness of light logarithmically over a moderate range (Weber–Fechner law); rather then linearly. So when light intensity grows linearly, human eye and brain don’t see it that way and our visual perception of colours changes.

Weber–Fechner law

In the world of laser display systems this generates problems when we work with mixed colours (i.e. yellow, magenta etc.). Normally the mixed colours coming out of laser systems do not entirely correspond with those we see on computer screens - because of the difference in visual perception.

In order to synchronise all the colours we see on our screen and those coming out of the laser device we carry, so called, palette calibration procedure in the laser control software. This can be of course rather lengthy process and even if it’s done properly, the calibrated palette will always be tied to particular control system or profile that was used during the colour calibration and not to the laser projector itself.

So we came with the idea to hard-code the “calibrated palette” into every Clubmax FB4 laser system during the manufacture. No matter what control interface you use or what control signal is used (Ethernet, DMX, ILDA), the calibrated palette is always there, ready for you to be turned on by Colour Balance button.

When the Colour Balance display mode is active, all the colours displayed by laser will match those you see on the screen in your laser software (they can vary slightly depending on your display colour temperature and colour settings).

The on & off setting of Colour Balance mode is immediately stored in the internal memory of the laser projector, so next time you power the laser up, the Colour Balance mode is set to its latest state automatically.

This new feature is currently inbuilt in all Clubmax FB4 laser display systems, including Clubmax 3000 FB4, Clubmax 3400 FB4, Clubmax 6000 FB4 and Clubmax 6800 FB4.

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