Festival of Light 2016

Festival of Light 2016

KVANT gave some light to Festival of Light!

KVANT participated in Festival of Light 2016 that was organised by Science and Education Agency (SEA). The festival took place in streets of Slovakian capital last week. Tens of thousands of locals and town visitors could see and experience many different forms of light, including some very artistic and visually attractive designs. Many of these visualy and technically advanced installations were developed and supplied by KVANT.

Laser Harp

The laser harp was located on the side of Dunaj river, where the visitors could “play” it by touching the laser beams. To create the laser harp we used our full colour laser system KVANT Clubmax 6800 and a special light sensor. When one of the beams was touched, the harp generated a MIDI note. This MIDI note was then sent to Pangolin Beyond laser control system and wirelessly transmitted to the other side of the river. Over there we used Ethernet to DMX and DMX to Analogue signal converters to finally feed the modulation signal to corresponding laser module. The result was, that people “playing” the harp, were in fact controlling the laser beams on the other side of the river.

Space lighthouse - 8 static laser beams

Drawing with light - interactive application

Interactive laser graphic using Kinect

Bloom of Life

God's Mercy!

Laser Line

Little Red Riding Hood

"Dunajská Královna" folk-tale

Light Statues

Interactive LED screen

Water screen projection

Interactive projection controlled by lit up mobile phones


Interactive sound-to-shape projection

Spherical projection "Touching Space"

Magical Woods

Light Statues

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