• The return of FB4 - introduction of FB4-XE

    The Return of FB4, in a new “-XE” Variant
  • Another milestone conquered

    It is an incredible thing that took us 27 years.
  • 2022 ILDA Awards

    Another year has passed and another ILDA Awards were received with joy!
  • KVANT and Pangolin join forces with Showtacle

    Better, together.
  • IMAGINE show - Dubai Festival City Mall

    IMAGINE by Al-Futtaim Malls for Dubai Festival City The record-breaking, ever-changing, immersive laser, light and wa...
  • 2022 Spectrum Series Introduction

    And so, here it is! The 2022 Spectrum - THE one to give your shows and tours an enormous amount of photons, open mouths and stunned brains.
  • 2021 NYE Multimedia Show in Belgrade

    A large-scale show with lasers, fireworks, lighting, video and sound - the complete package for a grand finale of 2021.
  • Architect Sky Lasers Introduction

    Architect Sky Lasers are designed to illuminate landmarks, significant structures, and buildings.
  • KVANT BeamBrush Introduction

    This one is revolutionary. A real game-changer for the laser display industry.
  • ScannerMAX Juno 5 Introduction

    The new scanners from our partners in Pangolin set the new standard of fast and precise, yet affordable scanning.
  • Pangolin BEYOND 5.0 is out now!

    Find out about the new BEYOND 5.0 and BeamBrush technology - pretty amazing stuff!
  • Special Offer for November

    Over 2,000€ saving is available with every Atom system.
  • MicroWheel set for Clubmax

    Adding this fixture to your Clubmax will offer amazing large-scale visuals.
  • The new version of Motorised Dichroic Filters arrives

    The newly developed version of dichroic mounts comes with some significant improvements.
  • You've been with us for over a quarter of the century!

    For that we sincerely Thank YOU! And promise you to keep up good work for at least another 25 years ahead of us. The ...