LogoLas 2020 series for Laser Advertising and Signage

LogoLas 2020 series for Laser Advertising and Signage

THE laser for Outdoor advertising, Signage and Flow control

"The LogoLas idea started years ago and over time progressed a long way forward; slowly turning into a refined product line aiming at a very particular range of usage."

LogoLas is a professional laser display system built into an industrial-grade housing, developed for outdoor laser advertising, high visibility signage, facade illumination and crowd flow management applications.

Available LogoLas laser projector models:

LogoLas 2000 (2W full-colour laser system)

LogoLas 3000 (3 Watt full-colour laser system)

LogoLas 6000 (6 Watt full-colour laser system)

LogoLas G10 OPSL (10 Watt single-colour green laser projector)

New LogoLas advertising RGB laser system

With its inbuilt control interface and IP rated robust build, it is a comprehensive solution for permanent installations at demanding environments.

There are many features of LogoLas projection system worthy of mentioning, but here we cover the most important ones:

  • Apart from all standard models which you find on this website, we can currently manufacture LogoLas with the power output of up to 10 Watts in full-colour RGB, 5 Watts in red, 10 Watts in green, or 11 Watts in blue laser. We also do other colours, so please always check the website for all the available options.
  • A non-scanning single beam LogoLas fitted with our beam expander offers incredibly bright beams and projection range of several kilometres.
  • Discrete look and robust IP65 design, tested and approved by an independent testing lab.
  •  We increased impermeability with high-quality seals, IP65 rated connectors, and possibly the best IP rated cooling fans on the market.
  • Smooth front panel with sunk aperture glass and an internal heating element around aperture prevents the snow and ice from getting stuck at the output window and eliminates the inside dew.
  • The two-ply top lid fitted with a layer of thermal foam enhances the outside heat resistance. The access into the inside of the unit via the top lid is secured with two lockable hatches.
  • The housing can be white or grey as standard, but also powder-coated to any RAL (read normal) colour.
  • Supplied brackets include those for installation on walls and flat surfaces. There is also available the optional bracket for a secure fit on circular posts with external diameter between 40 and 100 millimetres.
  • Improved overall internal temperature management that includes cooling, heating, and airflow optimisation, allows you to run the LogoLas inside places with higher air temperature than usual.
  • An optional camera is accessible via GSM LogoLas network and IP LogoLas protocol. It allows for remote monitoring of the system's live performance as well as during setting changes, such as zoning or timer settings, and when adding new effects to the projection.
  • The content to display is uploaded to the device's internal memory via ethernet. Besides other ways, it can be played back automatically at specific days and times, depending on the internal timer settings.

Kvant LogoLas laser projector mounting options

We know there are many ways of utilising a LogoLas system in the real world. Here are some ideas of LogoLas usage:

  • LogoLas could be used as a replacement of LED strips and neon tubes often used for building illumination and signage. The apparent advantages here are non-invasive installation along with the possibility to change the design of projection as often as required, and relatively quickly.
LogoLas laser projection replacement neon tubes
  • Using LogoLas system as a laser billboard projection medium is more than logical. With LogoLas, you can turn virtually any flat surface into a billboard or sign, that after dusk will most likely outshine any other type of lighting. 
LogoLas laser display on wall billboard
  • Lasers in general, and especially LogoLas, are incredibly flexible when it comes to the speed of content changes and relative simplicity of new content design. With the addition of LogoLas' easy installation and robust outdoor construction, it could be a powerful, fast-to-react tool for public flow control, traffic control and announcements during emergencies.
LogoLas laser for traffic control

We hope that now it's obvious to you how great LogoLas is and what possibilities it brings to your doorstep. As much as its flexibility, it also offers that industrial toughness so needed at many resilience-demanding jobs.

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