Laser Lighting for Architecture

Laser Lighting for Architecture

The laser technology has become more accessible and reliable in recent years, making it possible to utilise it in a far broader spectrum of demanding applications; one of them being Architecture.

Using our professional laser display projectors can help you to visualise a building, landmark or even whole town to its surroundings, making them unique and more attractive. Or focusing on the smallest detail of the structure and make it stand out from the rest, making it more appealing.

Filling out empty facades with some cool abstract animations can be fun while using them as advertising space with our Logolas laser billboards will bring increased exposure and subsequently more profits.

Our latest laser display technology that we designed specifically for Architecture, offers enormous flexibility while being economical and requires very little maintenance when compared to other solutions.
The subject of your projection can be as simple as some static beams reaching clouds or text, numbers or logos, but also very sophisticated and time-coded shows containing complex graphics and animations.
And this content can be changed very quickly as often as required.

With a relatively small footprint, low weight and a high IP rating, our lasers for Architecture are ideal for permanent installations as well as temporary displays.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of lasers utilised within architectonic applications is their projection reach, size and range of angles they can project from.
Also, the contrast ratio of laser light itself is excellent, and the luminosity of our systems is extremely high.

Overall, for specific Architectural applications, there's most likely a no better option than KVANT laser display technology.

Although virtually any KVANT laser display system can be used for Architectural lighting, the models that were developed with this purpose are Logolas lasers and Architect lasers. For any large scale, graphical and aerial scanned beam shows we recommend any of the Spectrum series systems.

Here are a few examples of what you can achieve when using lasers for projecting at and from buildings and structures of various types and sizes.

Aerial laser beams and laser text
Aerial laser beams together with laser projected graphics and animations.


Laser advertisement on a building
Large scale laser advertisement - laser graphics and animations.


Laser projected text and aerial beams
Laser projected text supported with powerful lighting.


Large scale laser mapping combined with video mapping.Large scale laser mapping combined with video mapping.


Laser mapping, laser beams and ambient lighting
Laser mapping, aerial laser beams and ambient lighting combined resulting in the beautiful scenery.

Laser beam structural support
Very classy architectural laser lighting.

Laser at UFO
Lasers at UFO

Laser projection of abstract effects and patterns
Abstract laser effects projected onto the side of the building.

Architect 55 systems in action and visible even in the daylight.
Architect 55 laser systems in action - visible even in the daylight.

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