E-STOP Splitter 12

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Every new Kvant laser display projector is delivered with a top-quality E-STOP system that fulfils all the safety features required by legislation. It allows you to control one or more projectors when connected in series.
However, in some situations, you may need to control the E-STOP signal from various positions within the setup and/or manage more lasers that are split into multiple groups.

The 12-channel E-STOP splitter offers many ways in which the E-STOP signal can be spread across all the Kvant lasers in a given setup. The splitter distributes the signal in a parallel way, making it possible to connect a virtually unlimited number of laser projectors and control them at once/or per group.
Each splitter has two E-STOP remote inputs, which allows for two E-STOP remote positions (a.i. FOH and stage) per setup or sub-group.

E-STOP splitter gives you a virtually unlimited number of ways the E-STOP signal can be routed.

E-STOP Splitter 8 specifications


2x [3-pin XLR]


12x [3-pin XLR], optically isolated, ESD protected and "power cross safe", each output can control an unlimited number of Kvant laser projectors.

Power requirements, V

100-230, 50Hz


max. 20VA

Max. control distance

Up to 1000 meters with a high-quality signal cable.