Dj laser light for the best disco show

Dj laser light for the best disco show

DJ laser light for the best disco show

Lighting in general

Odds are that you have been to a disco clubhouse before or you might have seen the inside of a night club. Did you see the sparkling lights and lighting effects? Yeah, some of them are called DJ laser lights.

Light has been known to induce a feeling of happiness and excitement in humans, especially in the nighttime, (try staying in the dark for longer times to verify this claim). It is this simple but effective technique that DJ laser lights offer. DJ lasers take your disco show to the next level. It takes it from “boring” to “bawling”. From Nightclubs to Mobile DJ events, a laser light show with effects like starry nights or fireflies is mesmerising, to say the least.

You can choose from a range of lighting effects available on the market today. The beam effects, gobos, flower effects, centrepiece effects, scanners, barrel mirror effects, police beacons, and disco balls are several lighting effects that can add value to your disco show. These effects can be used alone or paired with other effects. If the costing is not an issue, you can also consider adding some atmospheric effects like fog, haze, and bubbles to your disco show; and of course - lasers! There are some hi-end quality DJ lasers such as Clubmax 3000 FB4, Clubmax 6000 FB4 and even high power Clubamx 10 FB that outputs 10W of precision laser power. But.. Is that really what you need?

DJ lasers & disco laser lights

A DJ Laser is not a particular type of laser light, but it defines the field of use for lasers.

DJ Lasers generally are all in the semi-professional range and although some of them come with sound-to-light and standalone settings, not much control options beyond those are available. DJ lasers should have at least a control option for DMX. Since there is no clear definition, DJ lasers are considered to be less-professional lasers.
For the entertainer on the go, a DJ laser is perfect lighting device. Laser systems for DJ shows are portable, light, extremely easy to use and are therefore the ideal lighting apparatus for mobile DJs, entertainers and musicians. DJ lasers can project single or multi-colour beams and room-filling effects in clubs, bars, pubs and private parties to impress audiences. DJ laser light systems can be used with or without fog systems, as well as bounce mirrors, projection screens and other equipment to create bounced laser beams and animated effects and patterns on walls and ceilings.

Laser show system projected 3D logo

With all these factors in mind, selecting the perfect DJ laser for the best disco show can be a pain in the neck sometimes. It requires setting priorities, identifying main purposes, handpicking the needed features, estimating the number of audiences, stating the coverage area, mapping out positions for the lasers, compromising on some functionalities, and proper consideration of your pocket (of course).
So, it is serious business after all. Whether you’re looking to light a band, DJ show, or nightclub, there’s a huge range of lighting effects and equipment available today to match your budget and the mood you want to create. However, if it's the case that even as a DJ you need a professional-looking laser shows, look no further. Our Clubmax range is exactly what you need! 

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