DMX laser light controllers

DMX laser light controllers

DMX laser light controller or interface?

Every laser light system needs a controller, no matter whether it’s DMX laser projector used by a DJ, ILDA compatible laser projector for a hobbyist or a fully advanced RGB laser display system for lighting professionals.

The controller is an absolute must for every laser projector if we want it to output more than just a single laser beam.

The trend in which the latest professional laser controllers are designed integrates DMX, ILDA, ArtNET and network compatible control features into a single interface. Such interfaces are very often built inside laser light projectors which obviously simplifies the use of them in many ways. It also helps with significant reduction in usage of heavy ILDA cables.

Kvant FB4-QS | External - ArtNET, DMX, ILDA and AutoPlay laser light controller

Of course, some controllers for lasers can be stand alone boxes, providing various ways of laser projector control. A good example of our latest state-of-the-art stand alone laser projector controller is Kvant FB4-QS External interface, which offers control via network, DMX, ArtNET and ILDA as well as stand-alone operation from SD card that can be timer set.

Laser projectors by controllers

The 1st (5*****) group includes only proper show production work-horses; the professional laser projectors that not only excel in their performance quality wise, but also offer a comprehensive means of control and beyond that.

These systems come with inbuilt controller and will give you a full control over standard network, native control via DMX and ArtNET from professional lighting consoles such as Avolites, GrandMA and ChamSys as well as control over ILDA (although the world of professional lasers is getting away from ILDA for its unpracticality).

We, KVANT, produce only professional laser projectors such as Clubmax, Atom and Spectrum series laser light systems. It doesn’t matter which system you go for, they are all the same quality wise and all will provide you with the very best of today’s laser light performance and control.

2nd (2**) group of single colour or RGB laser projectors will include those that can be controlled by DMX and/or ILDA controller protocols. Some may even offer some sort of settings control over a standard network.

These systems will cost you hundreds or even thousands of euros and may be good for some private usage and celebrations. Nevertheless, their performance is unlikely to be anywhere near the professional laser display projectors mentioned above.

They will offer pretty decent amount of DMX and ILDA control, but only if right laser controller and control software is used. Usually it is lack of quality performance, that makes them no match to pro-level laser display projectors (beam quality, quality of scanning, quality of manufacture, lack of safety features, etc). Also their reliability for professional use is discussable.

You won’t find any of these on our website.

Very basic low-power "RGB laser animation projector"

Even the most primitive laser light projectors will have some sort of control interface installed inside them. You may not notice them, but if the laser system outputs some laser effects, text or laser graphics, then there is definitely an interface inside it. Most likely it will be something with an onboard memory for storing laser effects, with DIP switch for controlling pre-set parameters and maybe with a tiny microphone for light-to-audio control.

These types of laser projectors are usually quite cheap and will offer none or very little control (you’ll be lucky if they come with DMX). The level of performance will be very adequate to their price - poor one.

You won’t find any of these on our website either.

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