KVANT Burstberry - perhaps the most versatile laser display system on the market.

KVANT Burstberry is a self-contained laser-lighting fixture, designed to be used in multi-head configurations and controlled mainly from lighting desk via Artnet. It can also be operated with DMX protocol, via Ethernet from a computer, or be running stand-alone in AutoPlay mode.

As well as being fully equipped RGB laser display system, each Burstberry has DMX controlled interchangeable diffraction grating as second output, and powerful LED blinder below the primary aperture.


Burstberry diffraction grating effect
Built-in diffraction grating - the diffraction lenses are interchangeable


KVANT Burstberry has LED blinder
Warm-white 3W LED blinder is located below the primary laser aperture

Furthermore, the primary aperture can be easily fitted with the new add-on optical diffraction element or SafetyScan lens bracket for enhanced laser safety. These accessories make Burstberry even more all-purpose.

Pangolin SafetyScan lens on Burstberry
The SafetyScan lens can be easily fitted to Burstberry with KVANT's lens bracket


Surprisingly bright!

Full-colour laser output of each Burstberry is "only" 2 watts, but with the beam being quite different from most of the other lasers on the market.

The divergence of the output beam is astonishing - only 0.4mrad measured at full-angle. This attribute ensures high brightness and visibility even for long-range displays, making the 2-watt Burstberry an excellent tool not only for clubs and indoor venues but also for large stages at festivals and concerts.

The fact is that Burstberry's luminous intensity is 2.4 times higher than the luminosity of any other standard system with the same power output and colour balance. This was verified at a projection distance of 36 meters from the source, which resulted in over 2.5 million lux per illuminated area.

Burstberry laser display system is very bright
Burstberry is bright. Very bright!


"Unity is strength"

Although Burstberry could be used very effectively as a stand-alone laser system, the power of it lies in a multiple units setup.

The concept of several laser display systems synchronised together has been around for a while. But none of the existing Burstberry alternatives will offer such pure and intense visual output, effectivity and flexibility.

Burstberry individual units can be attached one to another from 12 different directions, making it possible to create clusters of pretty much any shape to fit your setup. Joining Burstberries together takes only a few seconds; it's secure and robust.


Complex laser graphics

One of the key features that a cluster of Burstberries will give its user is hard-to-match graphical performance.

For example, a pack made of six Burstberries offers blistering 160.000 points-per-second drawing capability - that's at 8 degrees projection angle and 20 frames per second performed. And being virtually a single unit makes the handling extremely easy and practical because you don't have to worry about the misalignment between the projectors once they are set up - even if moved afterwards.

This advantage can be used very efficiently together with Beyond's Distributed Scanning function, which automatically splits frames with lots of points between a pre-set number of projectors. This, of course, helps massively to produce the finest possible results.

Just imagine what you could do with 160.000 points per second; how complex the content could be with absolutely no flicker when projected.

Laser graphics with KVANT Burstberry laser show projector
This frame is made of way too many points for a single system. No problem for a pack made of Burstberries.


The Burstberry offers endless creative possibilities and easy control when designing challenging laser effects.

Because it is intended to be operated mainly via Artnet or DMX, we see it ultimately as the product of choice for every lighting designer.

And because of Pangolin FB4 controller integration, Burstberry and other Kvant systems are supported by all major lighting desk manufacturers.

The new FB4 Beam Content Pack is a pack of 1500 custom made beam cues that you can control from any lighting console, without the need for a PC. The content pack can be installed onto the built-in FB4, giving you the ability to use the content pack with all FB4-equipped KVANT laser systems. The video with all available cues can be watched HERE.

Lighting desk laser control - KVANT Burstberry
Operating KVANT Burstberry from more or less any lighting desk is a piece of cake


Here are 13 Burstberry features to acknowledge:

  1. Burstberry is a powerful full-colour scanning laser 2.4 times brighter than comparable systems.
  2. A cluster of several Burstberries offers phenomenal graphical performance.
  3. Burstberry has a rotating diffraction grating effect.
  4. Burstberry has powerful LED blinder.
  5. Burstberry is controlled from a lighting desk or a PC. Autoplay mode is also available.
  6. The new content pack with 1500 cues is available for all FB4 equipped Kvant lasers, including Burstberry.
  7. Burstberry is compatible with our SafetyScan lens attachment.
  8. Optical diffraction element is also available for Burstberry.
  9. Burstberry is compact, relatively light and robust.
  10. Optional spread plates are used to create a gap between adjacent Burstberries if needed.
  11. Six Burstberry units are packed in a single flight case, making them very easy and economical to transport.
  12. The FB4 control interface is built-in as standard, making Burstberry compatible with all major lighting desk manufacturers.
  13. Beam alignment mechanism is easily accessible via a slot located on the side of Burstberry.


As you can see, Burstberry is unique in many ways. It offers a wide range of professional features that empower you to produce better and brighter shows efficiently.

Burstberry laser show performance


Go big with your show!