Laser/LED bars from KVANT - very simple, but efficient laser effect that is so cool!

Multiple static beams
Multiple LED blinders
Standard lighting fixture
DMX & Sound-to-light
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Red-laser/LED bar

Laser bars have become very popular during the last few years, and so we included them in our portfolio too. To develop one is not rocket science and there are many of them available on the market. So instead of manufacturing them, we select for you the best ones available on the market and make sure they work 100%.

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Source | Type: Semiconductor laser diode | 10x static red laser beam | 10x 3-Watt LED blinder
Suitability: Indoor laser displays / Stage lighting
System control: DMX512, Auto-mode, Sound-to-light
Compliant with:
EN 60825-1, Class 3B
Weight [kg]: 4
Size [WxHxD, mm]:
1000 x 50 x 166
Guaranteed opt. output [mW]: 200 [per each laser output]
R | G | B [mW]:
200 | - | -
Wavelengths [nm, ±5nm]:
638 | - | -
Beam size [mm]: 4
Beam divergence [mrad]:
1.8 [full angle]
Modulation [kHz] | type: 30 | analogue
X-Y scanners: -
Power requirements [V] | Input:
100-230/50-60Hz | Neutrik powerCON
Max. power consumption [VA]: 250
Operation temperature [°C]: 10-40
Ingress Protection rating [IP]: 20
Included in the set:
1.5M power lead, user manual.
HW features:
Laser safety features:
note A -
note B -
Red-laser/LED bar - Product Specifications

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