KVANT Maxim B3000

Basic specification

Type: single colour (blue), air cooled, diode laser system
Guaranteed optical output: 3000mW
Suitable for: indoor events and small outdoor
System control: ILDA (Moncha.NET with cat5, DMX and SD card is optional)
Safety: fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1 and FDA regulations.
Weight: 6kg
Includes: power lead, 5M ILDA signal cable, E-STOP remote with 10M cable and RE-START button, E-STOP keys, interlock key, CD with PDF manual.
Beam diameter: 3mm
Beam divergence (half angle): <0.8mrad
Modulation: 0-5V analog, up to 100kHz
Control signal input: ILDA-IN DB25 male
Control signal output: ILDA-OUT DB25 female
Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz (±5%)
Consumption: max. 220VA/240V, 440VA/110V
Operation temperature: 10-35°C
Ingress protection rating: IP54, higher on request
Special features: Adjustable control: power output, XY axis invert, scan-fail safety mode (Input/Scanner).

u-Turn 360 attachment bracket.
Scanning system protection.
E-STOP daisy chain for multiple system one-hit stop.
Integrated laser safety features: Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock (when cover is off).
Scan-fail circuit and electronic shutter with reaction time of less than 20ms.
Adjustable aperture masking plate.


The KVANT Maxim B3000 laser system is based on our Diode Laser technology and advanced beam shaping techniques - both ensuring a top class performance and a long lifespan of the system.


To make the most of your laser, see below for additional options.

Scanning system

1. ScannerMAX Compact 506

This scanning system runs up to 40kpps @ 8°.
A maximum scanning angle is 60° on both axes. It comes fine-tuned by KVANT for optimal performance.

2. CT6215-HP | 6mm aperture | 40kpps

This scanning system delivers up to 40kpps @ 8°.
A maximum scanning angle is 60° on both axes. It comes fine-tuned by KVANT for optimal performance.


1. Cardboard box
2. Heavy duty flight case

A strong plastic flight case with foam inserts ensures an ultimate protection for supplied laser system.

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KVANT Maxim B3000 technical specification sheet
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KVANT Maxim B3000

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