Logolas G10 OPSL

Get your message out there! Powerful green laser text and graphics will catch people’s attention and get you noticed.

Basic specification

Type: Green OPSL system
Guaranteed optical output: 10W
Suitable for: laser graphics - up to 1km distance
System control: inbuilt FB4 [Ethernet, SD card], Pangolin QuickShow 4.0 laser control and creation software is included.
Scanning system: CT-6215 | 30kpps @ 8° [see options below]
Safety: fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1
Weight: 14kg
Package includes: Pangolin QuickShow 4.0 laser control and creation software, power lead, E-STOP remote with 10M cable, set of 2 safety keys, USB with PDF manual
Green [W]: 10
Beam size [mm]: 5
Beam divergence: <1mrad [full angle]
Modulation: analog, up to 50kHz
Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz
Consumption: max. 350VA
Operation temperature: 0-40 °C
System features: Scan-fail safety, scanning system protection, heating element
Laser safety features: Keyed interlock, emission delay, micro-switch interlock, scan-fail safety, V-RAD 506 mechanical shutter | reaction time <20ms, adjustable aperture masking plate (optional)
Dimensions: Name: Logolas 6000; G10 OPSL
Length: 600
Width: 340
Height: 180


Logolas G10 OPSL is powerful green laser system from our Logolas range - versatile, simple to use and inexpensive solution for outdoor laser advertising.
10W green OPSL module is enclosed in a waterproof casing and controlled by a specially tuned version of the inbuilt FB4 control interface that holds all necessary animations loaded onto the SD card. 
The content can be uploaded to the laser via ethernet cable.

With Logolas you can turn virtually any flat surface into a billboard that after dusk will outshine any other type of advertising and whose content can be changed as often as required.

The CT-6125 scanning system utilised in Logolas G10 OPSL delivers up to 30kpps scanning which is fast enough for any basic laser graphics, text or animations.

The optional Saturn5 50K scanning turns the Logolas G10 OPSL into the ultimate graphical single colour laser display system.

Full Description


To make the most of your laser, see below for additional options.

Scanning system

1. CT6215 | 6mm aperture | 30kpps

This scanning system delivers up to 30kpps @ 8°.
​A maximum scanning angle is 60° on both axes. It comes fine-tuned by KVANT for optimal performance. 

2. CT6215-HP | 6mm aperture | 36kpps

This scanning system delivers up to 40kpps @ 8°.
A maximum scanning angle is 60° on both axes. It comes fine-tuned by KVANT for optimal performance.

Show Options


Logolas G10 OPSL technical specification sheet
1 MB
KVANT Logolas series - user manual [v030719] [Manuals]
1.88 MB
HOW TO start KVANT laser display system [Manuals]
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Logolas G10 OPSL

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Logolas G10 OPSL 16,700 €
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