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CT6215-HP 60kpps | 3mm

This Cambridge Technology 6215-HP set is one of the best laser display scanner sets on the market and offers fast, precise and...

Supplied aperture: 3mm
Rotor inertia: g/cm2, +/-10%
Small-angle step response: 130μs
2,262 € excl. shipping & TAX

Polarising beam splitter cube (Red)

The polarizing beam splitter cube is used to split or combine light of two perpendicular linear polarization.  Its size is...

49 € excl. shipping & TAX

Optical polarisation rotator (Red 638 nm)

The optical polarisation rotator is used to rotate the linear polarisation of light by 90 degree. In contrast to  a wave plate...

79 € excl. shipping & TAX

Dichroic mirror, 50 x 50 mm (HR R, HT B+G)

This dichroic mirror is used to reflect RED laser beam and to transmit BLUE and GREEN laser beam with efficiency more than...

99 € excl. shipping & TAX

RGB mirror, 50x50 mm

This broadband RGB mirror is used to reflect 440-640nm laser beam by 90 degree with efficiency more than 98%. ​​The available...

99 € excl. shipping & TAX

Prism mirror, 5 mm, (Red)

Prism mirror is used to reflect a laser beam of corresponding color by 90 degree. Its size is 5x5x5 mm. The HR coating with...

11 € excl. shipping & TAX