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Bounce mirror adjustable 1.jpg

Bounce mirror - fine adjustable mount

A quality front coated bounce mirror with fine adjustable attachment bracket is used for bouncing laser beams to different...

Size: 150 x 150mm
95 € excl. shipping & TAX
Bounce mirror basic 1.jpg

Diffraction mirror - basic mount

This is a quality diffraction mirror with basic attachment bracket. It is used for creating "starburst" effect, which splits a...

Size: 150 x 150mm
70 € excl. shipping & TAX
Bounce mirror adjustable 1.jpg

Diffraction mirror - fine adjustable mount

This is a quality diffraction mirror with fine adjustment attachment bracket. The special spring-loaded tilt mechanism allows...

Size: 150 x 150mm
135 € excl. shipping & TAX
Water screen shield 1024x768.jpg

Water Screen - shield

Water discharged under high pressure through this device forms a half-spherical wall of water which is great projection...

Pump requirements: 1500 litres per minute @ 10 bar max.
Connector type: B
785 € excl. shipping & TAX
LD Spectrum 33 RGBY front

Water screen - curtain

This water screen with 3 nozzle line creates fantastic rear projection surface for laser graphic shows. It is suitable for...

Length of single segment: 3m
Number of nozzle lines: 3
Number of nozzles: approx. 1000
1,429 € excl. shipping & TAX
Kvant Spectrum 20 A.jpg

Unique 2.1 hazer

This Unique 2.1 haze machine is great little 1.5kW hard worker. It produces very fine haze that hangs in the air for much...

Max. output: 1.5kW
Control: Manual or DMX
Run-time: up to 50 hours continuously using only 2 litres of fluid
852 € excl. shipping & TAX