Unity Lasers

Quality assured by KVANT & Pangolin | The finest entry-level laser systems.

UNITY is a new line of low-cost economic show laser systems that come in three different models, RAW, ELITE, and EPIC.
The RAW series range from 1.7 Watt lasers up to 3 Watt lasers. The ELITE ILDA and ELITE PRO FB4 series range from 2 Watt Lasers up to 3 Watt lasers.

FB4 or FB3 Control? Check out the difference here and how Pangolin’s industry-standard software controlling a Small to Medium Unity laser system setup can improve your show MASSIVELY! The design possibilities are endless.
The perfect entry-level laser system for new laser show users, DJ’s, Nightclubs & Venues. See Unity RAW Series Video & ELITE Series Video in Action.

Looking for the next level up in laser display technology? Check out the Clubmax series, be sure not to miss the Clubmax 2000 or Clubmax 3000 FB4 systems, we’re positive you won’t be disappointed!


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