KVANT Burstberry Lasers

The world's first modular laser show systems. That’s Burstberry. The system is designed to work as a multi-head laser system and can be assembled into virtually any geometrical formation.

Burstberry is a powerful full-colour scanning laser system 2.4 times brighter than comparable systems on the market and with a cluster of several units, they offer phenomenal hard to beat graphical performance.

We know Lighting Designers, Laser Operators and Production Companys are always looking to get more useful features into every unit they stock or use, that’s why we included a powerful LED Blinder, rotating diffraction grating effect with swappable patterns and ARTNET via FB4 into Burstberry to make the lighting effects even better for your indoor venue or smaller ‘filler’ lasers to support a big lighting package on a large stage.

The fun doesn’t stop there, we also have some optional safety, creative effect & storage accessories listed below. Burstberry has Pangolin’s FB4 built-in as standard, which means you can data and e-stop link to other Kvant laser show systems such as Clubmax 3000 FB4 or Clubmax 6000 FB4.

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