Clubmax user experience by Theo Petrides

Theo's review of Kvant Clubmax laser projectors, benefits and reasons why he chose them.

By Theo Petrides
Laser display professional and mechanical engineer


Happy Kvant lasers user
“Pictured Theo Petrides under an array of laser beams.”
Photo Credit: Laserwolf Fx


Over the past few years, I’ve created multiple internationally awarded laser shows. Each year I participate in various laser displays using Kvant laser projectors. I enjoy designing shows and operating them in my studio environment. I produce shows ranging from small family-oriented to large ones for thousands of people. When it comes to performance, durability, ease of setup/use and customer service, I trust Kvant. With them, it is easy to get the job done 100%.


Winning an ILDA award
“Theo Petrides receiving the 1st place at the 2018 ILDA conference. The awarded show was designed in BEYOND Ultimate using Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4 projector.”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


I currently own four laser projectors - one self-built and three Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4 projectors. Two of them with built-in FB4 control interface and the other one with an external FB4 interface attachment. I chose Clubmax 3000 projectors because the majority of the shows I do are for less than a few thousand people. Also, in my studio environment, the higher power systems are not necessary.


Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4 used in Theo's show
“Programming new shows with Kvant Clubmax projectors 3000 in a studio environment.”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


I frequently listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and I first saw lasers used at Defqon.1 2014 end-show on Youtube. After watching it, I got goosebumps from head to toe. I spent hours researching how to build a laser projector, built one and used it to program some of my first shows. Shortly after, I discovered more professional systems made by Kvant.
I spoke with JP at Pangolin and bought my first Kvant Clubmax 3000. Soon after I was programming day and night, creating new timeline based shows in Quickshow and BEYOND software. Over a few years, I produced some internationally awarded shows, attended many laser enthusiast’s meetings, made many friends through gigs, and even got a job as a mechanical engineer at a laser company.


Controlling Kvant Clubmax laser projector with Beyond
“Creating a complex timeline show using BEYOND software can be very rewarding.”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


Since I have a background in mechanical engineering, I quickly fell in love with the design and ease of use of Kvant laser systems. When it comes to Kvant projector design, even the smallest details are covered:

  • o-ring sealed housings
  • incorporated desiccant packs to absorb moisture
  • 360-degree yoke mounts
  • integrated Pangolin FB4 controllers/scanners/Lasorb
  • Neutrik connectors on every port
  • availability of different lenses/attachments
  • practical beam alignment
  • single-press Colour Balance button feature
  • sturdy interlock key safety
  • professional packaging
  • SEXY trim lines on the projectors


Output of Clubmax 3000 FB4 laser display system
“Not only are Kvant laser projectors aesthetically pleasing, but their laser output is amazing.”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


While others may not appreciate these small details, at the end of the day, that is what matters - especially if you demand high standards. I used my Kvant Clubmax 3000 laser projectors in a variety of environments, from cold weather situations to exposure to high vibrations. I’ve never had to align the lasers or required maintenance on them, and I never fear of bringing them to a client. It may sound crazy, but owning these high-quality Kvant laser projectors has boosted my confidence as a laser show designer. I made my first purchase of a Kvant Clubmax 3000 projector in 2016, and three years later it still reads above the guaranteed output.


Output measurement of Clubmax 3000 FB4 laser system




“Photos of Kvant Clubmax 3000 projectors all outputting above their guaranteed output.”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


I plan to purchase more Kvant products in years to come. I have many ideas for shows I want to create with no plans of stopping. I wish there was enough time in the world to program shows for those many songs I listen to daily. I am always thinking of new ways how to expand my creativity in laser art because the possibilities with lasers are endless.
One quite creative project I worked on was a collage of flow visualisation photos that were printed on metal and displayed at the University of Colorado Boulder. 


Matela prints designed with lasershow system Kvant Clubmax 3000 FB4
“Metal prints of laser designed art to demonstrate flow visualization for the University of Colorado Boulder.”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


I would highly recommend everyone, who wants to dive into the world of lasers, to look at Kvant laser projectors first - especially if they are after reliable and cost-effective solution.


Beautiful single laser RGB image made with Kvant Clubmax system
“It all starts with one!”
Photo Credit: Theo Petrides


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