• Music Ceremony Awards Show 2020

    22 x KVANT Spectrum 20w – 30w lasers and kinetic LED lights and kinetic balls.
  • New Year’s Eve, Bratislava 2020

    8 x KVANT Spectrum 30w lasers, 4 x KVANT Clubmax 10w, programmable LED tubes and several PR Lighting Ltd AQUA Beam 580’s.
  • 30th Anniversary Event Velvet Revolution

    4 x Barco Flex HDX 20, 4 x KVANT Spectrum 30w, 1 Pangolin Beyond and 1 x Resolume.
  • Olympian Fashion Show

    6 x KVANT Burstberry, 5 x KVANT Atom 6w, 12 x laser bar RED controlled by FB4/Beyond.
  • European Researcher’s Night 2019

    A flying drone made of kinetic tubes.
  • Arona 2019

    10 x Spectrum 20w, 2 x green 20w, Atom 12w, 15 Clay Paky Sharpy lights, Projection from 1 Barco 40k was projected on 45m x 18m water screens along with a full high-end sound system.
  • Making of Arona 2019

    Here you can see what it takes to produce a first-class multimedia show.
  • Euro Volley 2019

    4 x M-Vision 18k, 120 x Kinetic LED balls, 8 x Sparkular, 6 x KVANT Atom 6W, 16 x Robe Pointe, 12 x Pro Light Stark Blade, 10 x Blinder 2, 2 x MBG Atmosphere, 1 x GrandMA on PC.
  • Let It Roll 2019 (LIR)

    8 x KVANT Spectrum 30W lasers.
  • The Olomouc Baroque Festival

  • Jiou, Mauritius

    In collaboration with the Impact Production Group.
  • IXPO 2019

    Virtual reality car?
  • FEI STU Bratislava

    Laser billboard made with Logolas full-colour outdoor laser display system.
  • Prolight + Sound 2019

    9 x Clubmax 3000 lasers, 2 x Atom 15W lasers, LED screens and kinetics, Pangolin Beyond, GrandMA 2, Resolume.
  • Shell Gala Awards Ceremony

    10 x Burstberry 2W lasers and synchronised laser beams with the time code.