• KVANT at 2023 Prolight + sound

    This year was for us about high power lasers and a great show.

    We did it again! And this time with Architect on top of the roof.
  • Autoshow Prague

    We made another car even nicer!
  • Opening of Lusail Winter Wonderland

    The new KVANT Atom 42-Watt lasers in action in Qatar. 
  • NOOR Riyadh Festival

    A multimedia art installation in Middle East.
  • White Night 2022

    This contemporary art festival takes place every autumn in the streets of Bratislava and Košice in Slovakia.
  • A new Guinness World Record in Qatar

    We are glad we could be there!
  • Behind the scenes: NYE in Belgrade 2021

    Watch this to see how this incredible show was done!
  • Video mapping show of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome

    VIDEO MAPPING SHOW on the facade of the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo
  • BMW i7 360 Degree Mapping - Danubiana

    The new BMW mapped all the way around!
  • 2022 Prolight + sound, Frankfurt

    It was about time to meet everyone again and in big style!
  • Death on the Nile - 8K Mapping

    High-resolution large-scale mapping - a promotion of a new movie.
  • 2021 KVANT Show Production Highlights!

    The 2021 wrapped up in a single video reel.
  • 2021 Beatpatrol Festival - Vienna

    We operated our equipment on three stages, giving this great party an edge.
  • Welcoming 2022 Mega show in Belgrade

    This is one of the best shows we have done so far, and we are proud about it.