We did it again! And this time with Architect on top of the roof.
  • Autoshow Prague

    We made another car even nicer!
  • Opening of Lusail Winter Wonderland

    The new KVANT Atom 42-Watt lasers in action in Qatar. 
  • NOOR Riyadh Festival

    A multimedia art installation in Middle East.
  • White Night 2022

    This contemporary art festival takes place every autumn in the streets of Bratislava and Košice in Slovakia.
  • A new Guinness World Record in Qatar

    We are glad we could be there!
  • Behind the scenes: NYE in Belgrade 2021

    Watch this to see how this incredible show was done!
  • Video mapping show of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome

    VIDEO MAPPING SHOW on the facade of the National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo
  • BMW i7 360 Degree Mapping - Danubiana

    The new BMW mapped all the way around!
  • 2022 Prolight + sound, Frankfurt

    It was about time to meet everyone again and in big style!
  • Death on the Nile - 8K Mapping

    High-resolution large-scale mapping - a promotion of a new movie.
  • 2021 KVANT Show Production Highlights!

    The 2021 wrapped up in a single video reel.
  • 2021 Beatpatrol Festival - Vienna

    We operated our equipment on three stages, giving this great party an edge.
  • Welcoming 2022 Mega show in Belgrade

    This is one of the best shows we have done so far, and we are proud about it.
  • Permanent laser/lighting installation in Saudi Arabia

    KVANT lasers and quality lights for Middle East.
  • Beatpatrol 2021 Aftermovie - Kinetic / Laser Show

    Sometimes it's just super-crazy, like here.
  • The White Night 2021 Laser Mapping

    Large-scale laser mapping by an expert from KVANT.
  • DIALOG - Laser Mapping by Martin Gabčo & Stroon

    Some very dramatic scenes were created with laser light.
  • KVANT with AŠOT HAAS, 2021

    When the light meets an art!
  • The White Night 2021, SK

    This one is simply words for it..
  • CEV EuroVolley 2021

    Laser show, video mapping, light show and kinetic show.
  • Medusa Sun Beach Festival, Valencia

    18 x Spectrum 20 Watt lasers and 6 x Atom 12 Watt lasers.
  • Let It Roll 2018

    8 x KVANT Spectrum 30 Watt lasers.
  • Release of Collector’s Edition Euro Coins

    4 x Barco Flex HDX, 20 x projectors and 4 x KVANT Spectrum 33W lasers.
  • 40th Anniversary of Poland’s Solidarity Revolution

    4 x KVANT Spectrum 30
  • ‘#LightTheSky’ Slovak National Bank

    2 x KVANT Spectrum 30W lasers, 24 x PR Lighting’s AQUA 580 Beams and Barco HDX-W20 Flex projector.
  • Maluma 11:11 World Tour

    25 x KVANT lasers, Spectrum 30, Spectrum 20 and Clubmax 10.
  • Event Expo 2020

    KVANT LED Screens
  • Slovak Volleyball Cup 2020

    10 x KVANT Club Max 10w lasers, 4 x Spectrum 30w lasers, 24 x Aqua Beam 580, 12 Sparkblade 8 wash, 18 x LED walls and 10 x Sparculars.
  • Music Ceremony Awards Show 2020

    22 x KVANT Spectrum 20w – 30w lasers and kinetic LED lights and kinetic balls.
  • New Year’s Eve, Bratislava 2020

    8 x KVANT Spectrum 30w lasers, 4 x KVANT Clubmax 10w, programmable LED tubes and several PR Lighting Ltd AQUA Beam 580’s.
  • 30th Anniversary Event Velvet Revolution

    4 x Barco Flex HDX 20, 4 x KVANT Spectrum 30w, 1 Pangolin Beyond and 1 x Resolume.
  • Olympian Fashion Show

    6 x KVANT Burstberry, 5 x KVANT Atom 6w, 12 x laser bar RED controlled by FB4/Beyond.
  • European Researcher’s Night 2019

    A flying drone made of kinetic tubes.
  • Arona 2019

    10 x Spectrum 20w, 2 x green 20w, Atom 12w, 15 Clay Paky Sharpy lights, Projection from 1 Barco 40k was projected on 45m x 18m water screens along with a full high-end sound system.
  • Making of Arona 2019

    Here you can see what it takes to produce a first-class multimedia show.
  • Euro Volley 2019

    4 x M-Vision 18k, 120 x Kinetic LED balls, 8 x Sparkular, 6 x KVANT Atom 6W, 16 x Robe Pointe, 12 x Pro Light Stark Blade, 10 x Blinder 2, 2 x MBG Atmosphere, 1 x GrandMA on PC.
  • Let It Roll 2019 (LIR)

    8 x KVANT Spectrum 30W lasers.
  • The Olomouc Baroque Festival

  • Jiou, Mauritius

    In collaboration with the Impact Production Group.
  • IXPO 2019

    Virtual reality car?
  • FEI STU Bratislava

    Laser billboard made with Logolas full-colour outdoor laser display system.
  • Prolight + Sound 2019

    9 x Clubmax 3000 lasers, 2 x Atom 15W lasers, LED screens and kinetics, Pangolin Beyond, GrandMA 2, Resolume.
  • Shell Gala Awards Ceremony

    10 x Burstberry 2W lasers and synchronised laser beams with the time code.
  • National Football Stadium Opening Ceremony

    20 x Spectrum 20W & 30W lasers, 60 x moving heads, 10 x flamers and Sparkulars SFX’s.
  • Masters of Hardcore

    10 x KVANT Clubmax 10 FB4 lasers, 20 x laser bars, 4 x Sparkular Fountains, 4 s Sparkular Falls controlled by Pangolin Systems Beyond + backup, and the new GrandMA 3.
  • NYE 2019 Bratislava / archiv Biela Noc

  • Ceny Nadacie Tatrabanky za Umenie 2018

  • European Researchers Night 2018

    Human DNA shape made of LED tubes.
  • VW Open Days, Bratislava

  • World Nomad Games, Kyrgystan

  • VW Open Days 2018

    200 x kinetic balls, 10 x KVANT Atom 6 Watt roll-up system, motorised screen, laser LED bars, Sparkular cool pyro.
  • Kinetic Show Social Bakers, Prague

    200 motorized LEDs with a flying balls effect.
  • Asia Para Youth Games, Dubai, UAE 2017

    In cooperation with Laser Saga UAE Production!
  • KVANT Dome, Multimedia Spherical Show

    This whole setup is readily available for hire.
  • 150 Years or Bratislava City Museum

    Video projectors, lasers, lights and special effects.
  • Prolight + Sound 2018

    16 x Clubmax 3000, 2 x Spectrum RGBY 30, 24 Laser bars, 20x Burstberry and other SFX and LED hardware.
  • Slovak Pavilion at World Expo, Astana

    20x custom single GB 3 Watt lasers, 6 x Clubmax 3000, LED screens, LED floor and rounded water screen.
  • Masters of Hardcore 2019

    10 x Clubmax 10 FB4 lasers, 10 x RED laser bars.
  • Motorway Opening, Qatar /in cooperation with Laser Saga

  • Corporate Event RT

  • Eset Christmas Party 2017

    10 x KVANT Clubmax 3000 RGB lasers, 5 x Atom 12w RGB lasers, 10 x Laser Bars, 60 x LED kinetic sphere, 6 x Sparkular fountain FX and a 6m laser screen.
  • Vltava žije, 2017

    In cooperation with Art4Promotion!
  • Private Event, Lebanon

    10 x KVANT Atom 12 lasers.
  • Krystof, 25th anniversary

    10x Kvant Atom 12.
  • European Researchers Night 2017

    8 x 8 grid made of Kinetic 25cm spheres, 6 x Spectrum 20 lasers and 6 x Clubmax 6000 lasers.
  • Machac Festival 2017

    8 x KVANT Spectrum 30 lasers and 6 Laser bars.
  • Let It Roll 2017

    8x KVANT Spectrum 30.
  • Interactive Laser at Colors of Ostrava

    1x KVANT Spectrum 20.
  • David Guetta, Vienna

    4x Spectrum 20 lasers.
  • Alder Pelzer Corporate Event

    2 x KVANT Atom 6W lasers and 2 x KVANT Clubmax 3000 lasers with Saturn1 scanners.
  • Heluz Corporate Event, Mikulov

    7 x KVANT Spectrum 20 lasers, Barco Projector for projection mapping and 1 x KVANT Atom 6W laser for mapping.
  • Formula 1 - Bahrain Grand Prix /in cooperation with Laser Saga

  • Allianz Evening, Budapest 2017

    6 x Clubmax 6000 lasers and 4 Laser Bars.
  • Prolight + Sound 2017

     Over 50 laser or what?! For this we used way too much stuff :D
  • Hotel Carlton, Christmas Party

    1 x Barco HDX-W20 and 3 x Spectrum 20.
  • Cooperation with Laser Saga in Middle East

    From time to time we get involved in high profile events, such as this one..
  • Aurelium, Centre of Science, Bratislava 2017

    A very cool laser and video mapping of brand new car.
  • Shell Corporate event 2016

    We do even a holographic projections!
  • Pope John Paul II Memorial

    Barco 20k projector and 8 x Spectrum 20 laser systems.
  • Christmas Market at Bratislava Castle

  • Dreams

    24 x Spectrum 20 laser display systems.
  • World Endurance Championship, Bahrain /in cooperation with Laser Saga

  • Multiple Myeloma Day

  • Medusa Sun Beach Festival, Spain 2016

    10x Spectrum 20W lasers.
  • Primate's Palace, Festival of Light 2016

  • European Researcher's Night 2016

    7 x KVANT Atom 20W lasers.
  • Lina Mayer Holographic Projection

  • Laser art installations, Festival of Lights 2016

    With proud in our hometown for all the people out there.
  • Vltava Lives – Circle

    8x Atom 6W lasers, 8x Spectrum 20W lasers.
  • David Guetta, Macedonia

    6x KVANT Spectrum 20 operated by DSP system.
  • Cooperation with Art4Promotion

    Another one of those mega shows put together by the best in the local business.
  • Laser Line, Bratislava

    KVANT Maxim 8W green with beam expander.
  • The Night

    4x KVANT Atom 12 and 2x KVANT Atom 6W.
  • EU Presidency Celebration, Bratislava

    Leading the EU for some time, but with lasers we maybe lead the world :D
  • 10th Anniversary of DTZ Brno

  • Lucie Bila Fifty Fifty

  • New VW Tiguan Introduction

    8x Clubmax 6000 lasers and a motorised screen.
  • Miss Slovakia 2016

    14x KVANT Spectrum 20W lasers.
  • Prolight + Sound, 2016

    50 KVANT lasers, cool show programming and amazing girls!
  • Football Player of the Year

    For this special event the client chose our popular Tron Dance and a Laser show.
  • ISU European Figure Skating Championship

    A big icy screen is a great projection surface.
  • Green bigger than ever

    100W green laser beam
  • Tatra Banka beneficial event

  • City Arena Opening

    24 x KVANT Spectrum 20 laser show full-colour RGB systems.
  • Introduction of new BMW 7

    Here we built a pretty huge indoor water-screen.
  • Art of Light

    8x Maxim G8000 green powerful lasers.
  • Creamfields Festival 2015

  • Czechoslovakia has Talent 2015

    20x Clubmax 3000 lasers and 6x Spectrum 20 laser systems.
  • Eurovision Young Dancers

    One of the few Eurovision contests we were involved in.
  • David Guetta, Prague

    5x KVANT Spectrum 20 Watt lasers.
  • Cannes Film Festival 2015

    4x KVANT Spectrum 20W
  • Prolight + Sound 2015

    And 50 lasers in a circle - what an amazing and inspiring show!
  • 750th anniversary of Budweis / Art4Promotion

    10x Spectrum 20 Watt lasers and 2x Atom 12 Watt lasers.
  • Prolight + Sound 2014

    41x Atom 800, 9x Spectrum 20, 3x Spectrum 5000, 2x Atom 1500XT, 1x Atom 6000.
  • How lasers are made

    This is now history, but back then it was quite something!